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Barriers to Leader Standard Work: 2016 course open for bookings

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Firth Improvement, a Business improvement consultancy, and Second Curve, an exceptional Leadership development company, have announced that the “Barriers to Leader Standard Work” courses for 2016 are now available for booking.

“When it comes to process and performance improvement it is critical to be able to identify the root cause of organisational problems and improve the way in which people operate at a process level.” Explains Luke Firth, Managing Director of Firth Improvement. “But also crucial is that there is change in the behaviour of leaders and about how they organise and prioritise themselves. This is where Second Curve comes in” Adds Tom Cassidy, co-founder of Second Curve.

In the Barriers to Leader Standard Work session our facilitators will help you to identify what is blocking the adoption of this concept, help you locate the value in your role and where your people value your input, and help you devise a plan to rebalance your priorities.

The format is a Group Workshop with your organisational peers lasting 4 hours to discuss, learn new ways of thinking and acting. You’ll be encouraged to share openly your barriers and blockers, be peer coached on how to overcome these, and work as a Leadership team to devise a plan to rebalance the organisations priorities. The workshop is followed by 1:1 coaching with each individual to deepen the areas they would like to understand, improve and follow through on. These would last an hour each.

For more information on this offer and other Firth Improvement products and services please contact SolvingProblems@FirthImprovement.com


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