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Second Curve delivers Leadership development essentials for Firth Improvement client

Tom Cassidy

Firth Improvement, a Business improvement consultancy, and Second Curve, an exceptional Leadership development company, partnered in November 2016, to deliver Leadership training essentials to one of Firth Improvement’s existing clients.

Second Curve’s wealth of experience and course material made them an obvious choice, when an existing client of Firth Improvement came with new requirements. The client was undergoing a significant IT transformation, and were conscious that their leaders, although mastering the technical skills involved, could benefit from boosting their soft skill appreciation.

Second Curve in collaboration with Firth Improvement were able to customize and tailor existing material and course content to fit the needs of the delegates, and place the workshop style sessions in the context of the transformation the client was undergoing.

Firth Improvement Managing Director, Luke Firth explains “We were really lucky to be able to schedule Second Curve co-founder Tom Cassidy to deliver the training. As having written and delivered the material on many occasions, he was able to deviate from the content to deliver the right messages to the delegates”

Tom Cassidy, is one of the UK’s leading Organisational, Behavioural, and Leadership coaches. Through Second Curve he helps companies with individual effectiveness, executive presence, communication through storytelling, and many other challenges. This was not his first visit to the Grand Duchy, commenting “Having worked with a number of other companies in Luxembourg, I was familiar with the unique cultural and corporate environment that exists here. It was great to hear feedback from the delegates appreciating the Second Curve style and more workshop approach we encourage to facilitate the delegates getting the most out of unfamiliar topics”

The leadership training essentials course was delivered over 3 days, to more than 30 middle and senior managers at the client, covering such topics as; effective meetings, dealing with conflict, assertiveness and presenting with impact.

Alongside leadership development training, the two companies have agreements in place for development of specialist Lean classroom training, Barriers to Leader standard work, and collaborated a global improvement conference in Amsterdam during March 2016 to deliver the delegate session on “Getting to the Gemba”.

For more information on the Leadership development resources available through Firth Improvement, or to discuss any of our other product offerings, please email SolvingProblems@FirthImprovement.com


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