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3 things we learnt from a recent digital transformation

We recently completed a digital transformation with one of our travel industry clients. We assisted them in designing the future operating model and the processes that would be carried out by over 20,000 staff worldwide; from contact centres to shops to staff in resort. Digital…

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Getting to the Gemba

Getting to the Gemba

Over the last year I have been a regular attendee on the Business Improvement conference circuit, it is really great to get out of the bubble of your own workplace, your own specific customer issues, organizational politics and meet likeminded members of our community. I…

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PEX Week Europe

Where to start and how to finish

Reflections on PEX Week Europe Attending the last conference of the season, and the high point of the PEX Network’s slate of conferences, was eagerly anticipated by the Firth Improvement team. As sponsors and exhibitors, we’d been putting in the hours for a couple of…

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Trends in Operational Excellence

I was delighted to be able to attend the Global Process Improvement and Operational Excellence summit in Amsterdam last week. It’s really great to get out and meet fellow practitioners, C-suite members and also potential collaborators, I try to do this as often as possible…

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Updating on performance and plan for the future

Firth Improvement isn’t a public listed company, or beholden to any shareholders, and so we’re not required to announce any details of our performance in 2014. But as I mentioned in the Strategy blog post one of the core values of our company is transparency,…

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Sponsoring the St Andrew’s Day festivities

Photos by Geoff Thompson Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year. I was delighted to attend the annual Scottish Association of Luxembourg St Andrew’s Day celebration held at the British Ambassador’s residence in Luxembourg City. Having a relatively loose Scottish heritage,…

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The Strategy post

As promised in my inaugural blog post here is an insight into the strategy and business plan for Firth Improvement in 2014. Obviously I’m not going to give the game away, but hopefully this will give you more information and background into Firth Improvement and…

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