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The Launch of Firth Improvement


Well it feels like this has been a long time in the making, but having spent the early part of 2014 laying the ground work, I’m proud to announce that Firth Improvement is up and running, and ready to collaborate with partners and clients alike.

Firstly, who are we and what do we do? Firth Improvement is fundamentally a problem solving company, there are plenty of other words methodologies and technical terms to describe what we do, but when you boil it down, we help businesses solve problems. What sort of problems? The sort of problems that stop small companies becoming bigger ones, big companies from remaining profitable, and companies of all sizes maximizing their potential

Common examples of some of the problems we’ve helped solved can be found in our case studies, which I hope you’ll find useful. In setting up Firth Improvement I’ve had discussion after discussion with small to medium sized business owners, who have been historically extremely successful but are now missing customer deadlines for the first time. Business owners that are not sure how to identify and address the root causes of their customer complaints. And companies that have been adversely affected by these economic times and are looking to deliver their services in a more cost and time effective manner.

Firth Improvement is here to work with these Business owners and companies to solve these problems and leave a long lasting ability to solve problems independently. We work with you to understand your requirements, budget and availability, ensuring at the outset complete transparency on what a successful partnership would look like.

The initial consultation and exploration of your problem or business issue is free, and takes a maximum of two days of passive observation in your business, we have solutions to match every size of budget and a range of experts we can call on to assist you with more specific requirements.

Secondly, why? I aim to post a more comprehensive blog post in a few weeks about our strategic plan and goals for 2014. As for why, I’ve been helping companies of varying size for over a decade, in a variety of industries and geographic locations. Having lived in Luxembourg and traveled across Europe for business and conferences in recent years, I’ve been struck by just how different the business climate and environment is compared to the Anglo Saxon nations.

I’ve seen companies in need of problem solving skills and business improvement methodology, reduce their workforces rather than transform themselves for growth. As I alluded to above the entrepreneurial culture that is strongly embedded in the UK is now emerging across Europe with smarter economic policies around freelancing and small business start-ups. At the same time as governments are urging innovation, they are not providing the support networks and services for these budding Richard Branson’s and Elon Musk’s, and many of these business ideas and technology start-ups are suffering unnecessarily or worse failing outright despite an excellent business idea.

As such, I believe there is a gap in the market for a company that utilizes industry recognized techniques, in a flexible way, that address the problems that business need to solve. I believe this isn’t unique to Central Europe, but I do believe there is significant potential here and a lack of suitable providers to deliver upon this potential.

In short, I’ve set-up Firth Improvement to help these companies as much as the big corporates, because I’ve seen the power of problem solving and how it can bring motivated people together to achieve lofty goals.


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